The Nervous System

A Journey down the Nervous System

After working at Barrie Core Wellness Centre for the better part of 9 years, I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand how much a Chiropractor can change your life-even when you didn’t know it was something that could be changed-or in some cases, needed to be changed in that way.

When I first started here, a holistic approach to health and wellness was very unfamiliar territory for me. I had heard of it, but had grown up with the idea that to fix a problem with your body you simply treat the symptoms and the problem goes away….how wrong I was.  Over the years I have trusted the care of my health and the health of my children with the Chiropractic treatment offered by Dr. Rob. I have learned how a properly functioning nervous system can allow your body to heal and self-regulate.

Who doesn’t suffer from physical, chemical and emotional strain at some point in your life? It is something we all experience and can relate to. But what most people don’t realize-and what I have learned is the interference that it causes to your Nervous System. Yes, interference is more than just when you’re trying to cook dinner and your kids need to show you a new dance move. It’s that word we have heard many times-it’s a subluxation in your spine and it affects the function of your Life Force.

So what does a Chiropractor do other than relieve a sore back? Generally, pain is the LAST symptom to appear and also the FIRST symptom to disappear. Something I tell people who walk into the clinic in extreme pain and then walk out feeling that immediate relief is something I hope they remember in coming back-it didn’t take you a week or two for your body to be in the shape it is currently in so be patient with your care. Trust your treatment plan-follow it and see the results as those pains, lack of sleep, inability to walk long distances, slowly dissipate until it’s just maintaining that amazing commitment to your care.

To put it simply, a Chiropractor is the specialist in detecting Subluxations and restoring normal law and order (insert dramatic music here) so that your body may function optimally. Every nerve affects every part of your body-the Nervous System is the Master Control for your whole body and a Chiropractor is allowing it to do the job it was meant to do for Optimal Health and Wellness-naturally!