Health Requires Healthy Food

Our society has become dependent on processed, manufactured foods. Quite often we are choosing convenience in a box or package over putting our hands on the essentials of a healthy diet for our family. That convenience-whether it is prepared meals, processed shakes or pre-packed granola bars-is removing the bare bones of creating a healthy relationship with our food. Food that comes from the ground and, in the best case, from the local farmer whose soil is the same that we walk on.

Organic, local, fresh ingredients are in no way the start of a trend. It’s bringing back tradition-what we grew up on and the generations before us only knew.  Coming together and sitting down as a family to enjoy a home cooked meal is the beginning of creating a healthy relationship with food for you and your children.

Our society tends to focus on wealth goals, but without our health, what good is money? How can you ever enjoy it?  Quality of Life and Longevity are based on what you do today.  Everything you eat is either fostering your Innate Healing wisdom or killing you slowly. Cancer rates skyrocket as we have left natural health and natural eating.

Ask yourself the following questions:
What will your kids learn from your eating habits?

What are your health goals for you and your family?

Do you write them down? Are they monitored?

The starting point of whole foods is sticking to the basics; simplifying your diet by eliminating the CRAP and incorporating the FOOD.


Once that is established-begin to venture out and broaden your horizons. There is a significant source of healing properties in food. Challenge yourself to replace processed meals and supplements with whole foods. Supplements shouldn’t replace whole food; allow food to provide you with the properties our bodies are meant to be fueled on, but be sure to supplement along with healthy eating where required.

On that note-food is the FUEL for our life. It’s the premium gas we put in our body but it isn’t the whole engine. To keep our engine moving, we should all be exercising daily, eating healthy every meal with fruits and vegetables, getting adjusted regularly to ensure our nervous system is working optimally and getting enough sleep and water.

Make your choice today.

Be healthy for you and your family. 

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