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Choosing a ‘Healthy Backpack’

August is the time when we start getting ready for our children to head back to school (I can hear the cheers from parents from here). A big part of that preparation is shopping for new shoes, new clothes, and school supplies and of course we can’t forget; a new back pack.

Health Requires Healthy Food

Our society has become dependent on processed, manufactured foods. Quite often we are choosing convenience in a box or package over putting our hands on the essentials of a healthy diet for our family. That convenience-whether it is prepared meals, processed shakes or pre-packed granola bars-is removing the bare bones of creating a healthy relationship […]

Shockwave Therapy-A Modern Approach to Chronic Injuries

Barrie Core Wellness Centre will be offering a new, cutting edge approach to chronic injuries and conditions. Shockwave Therapy will be available next week for any existing and/or new clients interested in the benefits of the treatment. To find out if this is something that you could utilize-I encourage you to read on and decide […]

The Nervous System

A Journey down the Nervous System After working at Barrie Core Wellness Centre for the better part of 9 years, I have had the privilege of seeing firsthand how much a Chiropractor can change your life-even when you didn’t know it was something that could be changed-or in some cases, needed to be changed in […]

Reader’s Choice Award For Physiotherapy in 2015

We would like to Thank all of our dedicated clients-new and old-for voting us the Reader’s Choice Recipient for Physiotherapy in Barrie for 2015. We take great pride in our multi-disciplinary Physiotherapy practice. Each practitioner brings their own unique and strong abilities to the table for each individual client.

World Spine Day

Get Moving!! Movement is crucial for a healthy Spine and Nervous System. Sitting is the new cigarette smoking in this day and age Healthy Posture ensures a health neurological environment in which healing and healthy self regulation can occur. Conversely, poor Posture shuts your brain off and creates devastating interference on your nervous system and […]