Reiki is a Japanese energy-based stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes well-being and healing.

The Benefits of Reiki May Include:

  • Deep relaxation and well-being
  • Sleep or improved sleeping patterns
  • Feeling rejuvenated or re-energized
  • The temporary release of emotions and/or physical aches
  • The disappearance of symptoms that were present prior to the session
  • Personal insights about one’s life
  • A deeper sense of spiritual connection

Barrie Core Wellness Centre offers Reiki as a compliment to our multi-dimensional wellness services.  We encourage you to experience Reiki for yourself by booking a consultation or initial session with our Reiki Master Practitioner today!

Reiki Sessions & Pricing

15 minute session

  • Best experienced as a compliment to your other wellness appointments with a more focused healing intention
  • Feeling super stressed?  Book this Reiki healing to support releasing and relaxation as you move into the remainder of your day
  • Cost: $25 + HST

30 minute session

  • Enough time to settle into the Reiki experience and sink into a blissful state of relaxation, releasing and healing
  • Cost: $45 + HST

60 minute session

  • Dive deeper into energetic healing and nourish yourself with the full Reiki experience
  • This session is intended to maximize release, relaxation and improve your energetic profile
  • Cost: $70 + HST

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